Oil seals (Rotary seals)

Rotary Shaft Seals can also be known as oil seals and have two main functions. Firstly, it acts to keep the bearing lubricated and secondly, to ensure that it keeps out dirt and grit, along with any other liquids or solutions. These ensure the longer lasting life for the bearing. They are used to seal rotating or swivelling machine elements (mainly shafts). The areas of application are diverse and can be found in all areas of mechanical and apparatus engineering.

Typical applications:

  • Engine and gear manufacturing Industrial gears Gear engines Electric motors Internal combustion engines
  • Pumps
  • Drive systems
    • Agricultural machines
    • Construction machines
  • Household appliances
  • Washing machines (household and industrial)
  • Dishwashers
  • Heavy industry machines
  • Rolling mills
  • Ship building
  • Wind power generators


The oil seal should be installed with its sealing lip facing the surface being sealed and it should remain open. It is important to avoid damage during installation, especially to the sealing lip. Prior to installation, make sure that the housing seat is clean and that the shaft and the seal itself are properly greased or lubricated. Depending on the direction of installation, it might be advisable to use a chamfer. When installing the oil seal, please make sure that any pressure exerted falls as close as possible to the outside diameter. Applying pressure on the inside diameter might permanently damage the sealing lip.