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O Rings / Static Seals

O-Rings offer the designer an efficient and economical sealing element for a wide range of static or dynamic applications. Inexpensive production methods and its ease of use have made the O-Ring the most widely used seal.

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Oil Seals (Rotary Seals)

Rotary Shaft Seals can also be known as oil seals and have two main functions. Firstly, it acts to keep the bearing lubricated and secondly, to ensure that it keeps out dirt and grit, along with any other liquids or solutions. These ensure the longer lasting life for the bearing.

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Hydraulic Seals

Hydraulic seals are necessary for every industry for safe transferring of fluids without any leakage between the connecting parts. The seals are relatively soft, non-metallic rings that are constructed using materials such as polyurethane, rubber or PTFE. The important functions of hydraulic seals include preventing leakage, protecting the system from contamination.

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Pneumatic Seals

The use of pneumatic seals can be single or double acting. The single-acting pneumatic seals are only used for one axial direction. The double-acting pneumatic seals are used in both directions for a reciprocating motion. These seals can be made of polyurethane, NBR & FKM in metric and imperial.

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Seal Tools

Abbey Seals carry a variety of tools that assist in the removal and installation of seals from and to the groove shafts. The different tools used can ensure no or extremely low damage to the seal or the shaft during the extraction or insertion.

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About Abbey Seals

Even in heavy machinery, it’s the little things that count. And unless you’re involved in the manufacturing industry, you’ve maybe never thought twice about seals and gaskets. But since 1983, we’ve been thinking long and hard about these indispensable components that keep the world’s machines running. So where can you find our parts? They’re used in agriculture, waste treatment plants, food and beverage production including brewery and distillery, the pharmaceutical industry, water treatment, energy production… the list goes on.

We’re a second generation family-run business based in Dublin and Cork, and over the last four decades, we’ve been Ireland’s leading provider of seals and gaskets. Whether it’s factory machinery, engines, pharmaceutical equipment, heavy construction or any other industry.

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